What We Value

We Value The Planet

We believe great fashion shouldn’t come with a compromise, be that style, price or environmental impact. We care about finding good homes for gently pre-owned items and keeping them out of landfills. It’s not just a transaction. It’s intrinsically satisfying to re-use pre-loved items and to be part of a community of others who re-use, working collectively toward a happier planet and cleaner world.

We Value Women

We serve the whole society and do it better when our company reflects it's diversity. That means actively empowering women across the entire value chain.

From putting more women into top positions in our workplace to economically empowering those along our supply chain, we are helping more women join a global wave of change. 

Our team comprises of 90% women, from the models, to the employees handling the laundry and packaging, to the tailors and delivery team of riders. We also have 38 women suppliers we work with from various thrift markets around Kenya. We’re serious about making sure every single person in that supply chain is respected and earns a good living from our transactions. 

We Value Money

We believe that every dollar counts in the post covid-19 world, and buying gently pre-owned items can add up to big savings in the long run. We want to make it possible and easier for you to find high-quality alternatives to buying brand new for anyone in your family.


The Facts